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Import effects | Enter an effect | Effect aggregation explained | Create budgeting categories | Add/configure an effect line | Display the effects monthly, quarterly or yearly | Extend a project

Set effect duration, scaling/periods, and financial yearLearn how to set when a project starts, end and how you track effects (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly)
Show the distribution of effectsLearn how to find out which measures contribute to your overall effects.
Add and configure an effect lineAdd an effect line and learn the difference between more and less is better, spot landing, and the horizontal/vertical aggregation types
Delete effectsRead here how to reset all effects data of a tree item in Falcon with a few clicks.
OKR (Objectives and Key Results) - EffectsLearn how to calculate OKR's using effect lines in Falcon.
Import effectsLearn how to import effect data to Falcon from spreadsheets such as Excel and CSV files
Importing effects - period examplesPeriods for importing effects to copy/past
Determine effect position for multiple tree elementsLearn how to set the effect position for multiple tree items simultaenously
Lock/unlock effectsLearn how to lock/unlock effects
Create budgeting categoriesLearn how to add a budgeting category to your effect grid
Configure several budgeting lines at onceLearn how to edit several budgeting lines at once
Extend a projectLearn how to add additional periods to a project if it is due to start earlier or takes longer than expected.
Actual vs. forecastLearn the difference between actual and forecast columns in your effects grid
Enter an effectLearn how to enter effects in to your measure effect grid
Effects functions in FalconLearn which functions you can use in the effects.
Set effect planLearn how to copy actual effects to the empty plan columns in your effects grid. Perfect for bottom up planing!
Transfer effect valuesTransfer effects from the plan to actual/forecast with just one click
Display the effects weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearlyLearn how to chose the display options for the effects tab
Edit effects in several periodsHow to enter effects in multiple periods at once
Import accounting informations (ledgers, legal entities and assignments)Learn how to import accounting informations