Reporting & Analysis

Generate PPT reporting | Aggregated reporting | Restrict reporting | The measures slide explained | The Burn Up Chart

Aggregate, Filter & Sort

Restrict aggregation | Filter and sort tables | All activities in one place

Project Structure

Enable/disable program level | Add measures | Copy/move tree items | Understand symbols in the project tree


Share settings across programs and projects | Tag/Workflow management

Rights and Users

Falcon's permission system explained in detail | Invite/delete users | Roles in Falcon | Check user permissions | Transfer responsibilities


Add activity | check off | copy | pause | lock | comment | Import schedule | Schedule in dashboard | Finished tolerance


Import effects | Enter an effect | Effect aggregation explained | Create budgeting categories | Add/configure an effect line | Display the effects monthly, quarterly or yearly | Extend a project

Phases & Degree of implementation

Workflows | Process | Phase | Degree of implementation


Create a status | Flag status reports


How to export Falcon | Export explained in detail | Export user list

Data security

New login notification | Multi-factor-authentication | Password reset

First Steps

Your user account | Login issues | Falcon explained | Trainings | Falcon's sidebar menu


Dashboard explained

Traffic Lights

Budgeting item in profile - effect traffic lights | Set traffic light logic for effects/activities | Pause aggregation


ID of tree elements | Email notifications | The trash | Change the Hub name | Switch between hubs



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