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Rights and Users
Rights and Users

Falcon's permission system explained in detail | Invite/delete users | Roles in Falcon | Check user permissions | Transfer responsibilities

Invite and delete usersLearn how to invite users to you hub and how to delete users too
Falcon's permission system explained in detailLearn how Falcon handles permissions and get to know the basic difference between unguarded and guarded tree items
Unguarded vs. GuardedYou can keep project content unguarded or private guarded. Learn the difference and how to do it!
Filter Permissions TreeFilter the permissions tree and find elements with a few clicks to assign permissions much faster
Grant users hub owner permissionsLearn how to grant users hub owner permissions
Involved and responsible usersFalcon differentiates between involved and responsible users. Learn the difference and consequences for the dashboard and alike here!
Falcon's roles: Hub Owner, Admin and UserLearn the difference between hub owner, admin and user and what consequences the roles entail
Create a groupLearn how to create a group and assign users to it
Manage group permissionsLearn how to manage group permissions for guarded projects, measure packages and measures
Check user permissionsLearn how to check and verify user permissions with a single klick and see the project from any users point of view
What do users see in the tree?Permissions set who sees what in Falcon.
Transfer responsibilitiesTransfer the responsibilities of one or more users to another user in a few clicks
Withdraw or grant access permissions to usersLearn how to give and take users the permissions to use Falcon with a single klick
ImpersonationIn this article, you will learn how to perform a change of identity and log in to a user's account.
Request MFA resetLearn how to reset multi-factor authentication (MFA) if you can´t log in