Note: Only as hub administrator you have the possibility to add additional users to the project and to manage their permissions.

  1. Click the "Settings" icon at the bottom left of the screen and select "User Management" to add a user to the hub. Added users are available to the entire Hub. You can assign the users to the tree elements at the level of the respective project.
  2. You can add new users via the plus symbol in the upper left of the tab "User Management".
  3. An input window opens in which you can invite any number of people by e-mail. Make sure that the e-mail addresses are entered without additional characters such as "<>" or apostrophes (').
  4. Press the Enter key after each user or write a comma.
  5. Before "adding" the new users, you can choose whether the invitation mails should be sent directly or whether you want to do this manually later.
  6. If you do not check "Send invites now", you can send the invitations individually afterwards by clicking on the mail symbol in the user table.
  7. If you want to remind a user later of an outstanding invitation, click on the resend icon. Falcon does this automatically every 14 days.
  8. You can delete users from the hub using the minus symbol. All access rights then expire.
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