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Invite and delete users
Invite and delete users

Learn how to invite users to you hub and how to delete users too

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Which permissions do I need for editing?

Hub owner

Click on the gear symbol in the bottom left-hand corner of the menu bar to access the hub management. In the "Users" tab you can add new users to the hub. Added users are available to the entire Hub. In the "Permissions" tab of the Administration you can assign users to tree items.

Invite users

  • You can add new users via the plus symbol in the upper left corner of the "Users" tab.

  • An input window opens in which you can invite as many people as you like by e-mail. Make sure that the e-mail addresses are entered without additional characters, such as "<>" or apostrophes (').

  • Press the Enter key after each user or write a comma.

  • Before "adding" the new users, you can choose whether the invitation mails should be sent directly or whether you want to do this manually later.

  • If you do not check the box "Send invitation", you can check the box in the column with the power symbol afterwards. This will give the respective user access to the hub and he will automatically receive an e-mail with the invitation.

  • Falcon will automatically repeat the invitation every 14 days.

Resend invitation mail

  • By right-clicking on a user, you can trigger an invitation again. The user receives the invitation mail again. 

Delete user

  • You can delete users from the hub using the minus symbol. All access rights then expire.

Click here, to learn more about the permission system in Falcon

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