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Falcon's roles: Hub Owner, Admin and User
Falcon's roles: Hub Owner, Admin and User

Learn the difference between hub owner, admin and user and what consequences the roles entail

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Falcon distinguishes between three roles:

Hub Owners: You manage the entire Falcon hub and thus all projects equally. Whether unguarded or guarded, hub owners can always create and delete projects. You can see who is the hub owner in the User Management. 

Admin: They are created project-specifically by the hub-owners via the so-called administration permission. Admins can be created for all levels in Falcon (project, package, measure) and are allowed to do everything in their respective levels (e.g. create new measures, overwrite plan data, delete elements). The project admin may also invite new users for his project and adjust their permissions.

User: The permissions of the users are regulated individually by Hub Owners and Project Admins.

An overview of which function can be used with which right can be found here.

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