Note: Only the hub owner can assign group permissions!

  • The permissions management of a group is performed in the permissions tab of the administration in the same way as the user permissions management.

  • Navigate to the permissions tab via the admin center and select the desired project in the tree. Here you can display the groups of the hub. To expand the group and see the members, click on the plus-symbol next to the group name.

  • To assign a group to a project element, simply drag the group concerned from the group list on the left to the desired project level on the right in the tree.

  • Then you can assign the group permission in the Permission column using the drop-down menu:

  1. Write permission ("Write"): Permission to edit.

  2. Read permission ("Read"): Permission to read.

  • To assign the group to another element, you can simply drag and drop the group in the permissions tree.

Tip: If you have an individual permission and at the same time a group permission for a measure, then Falcon's basic rule applies: "Smaller beats larger", whereby the individual permission overwrites the group permission.

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