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Lock/unlock effects
Lock/unlock effects

Learn how to lock/unlock effects

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Falcon allows for locking (unlocking) effects. Locked effects can only be changed/updated by users with at least admin permission or higher. Users with lower permission (i.e. read and write permission), may not change locked effects.

Locked inputs are marked with a little padlock symbol within the effect grids.

To lock effects, right-click in the tree and chose the menu point "manage input" and the submenu "lock/unlock effects".

Action: You may choose whether you would like to lock/unlock inputs.

Start and end periods: The resulting modal/window allows for selecting the period which you would like to lock. If you leave the "last period" empty, Falcon will lock inputs for all periods after and including the chosen start period.

Position: You may also decide if you would like to restrict the locking of input to a certain position/row within you effects. If you leave the option empty, Falcon will lock all rows.

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