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Lock input

Learn how to lock and unlock tree elements so that write users cannot make any entries.

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Which permissions are required?

Owner or admid permission

In Falcon, you can lock the current project status of individual elements or entire projects. All existing user permissions with the exception of administration and hub owner permissions are automatically reduced to read permission. All locked tree elements can still be viewed, while you can prepare e.g. analyses and reports without changes on the project.

  • Right-click the element you want to lock (1) and select "Lock input" (2). The locked tree level receives a lock icon to show you that the elment has been locked successfully.

  • To unlock, just click "Unlock input" and the lock icon disappears.

Individual tree elements can thus be permanently and temporarily locked. Locking is automatically inherited at lower levels.

All about Falcons advanced features you can find here.

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