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Enter an effect
Enter an effect

Learn how to enter effects in to your measure effect grid

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Which permissions are required for this function?

Write permission or higher

If you want to enter effects, this happens on the measure level (the lowest level in the project tree). All higher levels represent aggregations. The procedure is very simple. Just follow the steps below

  1. Select the "Effects" tab of a measure

  2. In the effects table shown, you can see on the vertical axis all the effect lines that you can fill and on the horizontal axis the periods

  3. For each period there is a plan and an actual/forecast value, as well as an automatically calculated delta

  4. By simply clicking a field within the table you can enter budget values of an effect

  5. Falcon automatically aggregates the effects in the total column and to higher project tree levels

Also, read our best practice resource on effects.

You can find more information about effects here.

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