Which permissions are required?

Admin permissions or higher

You can quickly and easily transfer all effect values from the plan to the actual/forecast or vice versa in Falcon.

This can be helpful, for example, if all project participants have determined forecast values at the beginning of the project and these are now to be transferred to the plan.

Attention: The action is carried out for all lower levels, but the entered values are overwritten. This means that if you execute the action at project level, it will actually be executed for all measures in the project. The same applies to measure packages.

  1. Right-click on the element in the tree for which you want to transfer the effects from the plan to actual/forecast. 

  2. Select "Transfer values"

  3. Then click "Set effect actual/forecast"

Additionally overwrite all existing values

You can also choose whether you want to overwrite existing entries during the process. To do this, you only need to check the "Additionally overwrite all existing values" box.

Additionally include all past periods

You can also specify whether periods that lie in the past should also be affected by the transaction. Otherwise, the transfer refers only to the current and all future periods.

Click here for more information on effects in Falcon.

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