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Set effect duration, scaling/periods, and financial year
Set effect duration, scaling/periods, and financial year
Learn how to set when a project starts, end and how you track effects (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly)
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After creating the project via the project wizard, the effect duration (project duration), scaling, and financial year can be subsequently changed in the Administration under the "Budgeting" tab.

There you will find the scaling setting and can choose one of the following scalings:

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Yearly

With the period settings you determine when the effects begin and end. 

With the financial year, you can set the start of an anual period. This setting is particularly important for the aggregation over time.

Attention! If you change the settings of the period, the fincial year or the scaling in the running project, under certain circumstances previously made effect entries can be reset. This happens, for example, if you shorten the period (previously the project was planned until 2021, you change to 2020) or change the scaling from Weekly to Monthly. A corresponding warning is displayed beforehand.

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