Learn how to assign tags to measures!

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Which permissions do I need for editing?

Hub Owner or admin

Assign properties to measures via the tag field in the profile:

The tag field can be found directly in the profile description on the measure level (lowest level in the tree).

Use the drop-down menu to select from existing tags. But you can also assign new tags simply by typing them into the field and confirming with Enter.ย 

Important - Don't forget to save!

To confirm the tags, you must confirm your entries at the end of the bottom right with save buttom.
In the administration, administrators and hub owners can edit all assigned tags (e.g. rename or delete). In this way you can prevent uncontrolled growth.

Tags must be assigned and cannot be created in stock. Tags that are not assigned are automatically deleted.

Aggregation via Tags

You can also use tags to aggregate data away from the tree structure. You can read about how this works here.

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