All tags assigned in the projects can be viewed centrally in the Administration. Hub owners can 

  • rename,

  • delete, 

  • restore,

  • and merge tags.


The Administration can be accessed via the gearwheel symbol in the bottom left corner of the sidebar. Once you have opened it, the tab "Tags" takes you to the central management of tags. 

All tags used are displayed here. The number on the far right of the table shows you the number of measures for which each tag is used.

Rename, Delete and Restore 

  • With a double click on a day, you can rename the day centrally.

  • Tags can be deleted using the minus symbol.

  • Analog to all other elements, you can also restore tags via the trash (but only if the corresponding tree elements still exist). 

  • To merge tags, select all the tags you want to merge. Right-click and select "Merge Tags". Now you just need to select a tag name that will apply to all selected tags.


All exports have a column in which the tags used are displayed comma-separated at measure level.

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