Tag Management

Hub owners can centrally assign colors for tags, rename, delete, and restore them. Learn how this works here!

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All tags assigned in projects can be viewed and managed centrally in the Hub admin center.

Customize colors

In the "Color" column, you can specify a color individually for each tag. The selected color will be used wherever tags are displayed.

More management options

  • rename

  • delete

  • restore

  • merge

With a double click on a day, you can rename the day centrally.

Tags can be deleted using the minus symbol.

Analog to all other elements, you can also restore tags via the trash (but only if the corresponding tree elements still exist). 

To merge tags, select all the tags you want to merge. Right-click and select "Merge Tags". Now you just need to select a tag name that will apply to all selected tags.


All exports have a column in which the tags used are displayed comma-separated at measure level.

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