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What are the workflows all about?

The goal of workflows is to plan and keep track of when a measure should reach - or has actually reached - certain phases of a process. For this purpose, measures have the so-called process tab. Here it is possible to plan and keep track of when which phase should be and has been reached. This is very useful if you want to know, for example, when a certain idea is to enter the implementation phase or has already been completed.

Each phase has an individual traffic light. To determine this traffic light, Falcon compares the planned end of a phase with the actual end. Phases are part of a workflow. Both individual workflows and subsequent phases can be customized in the administration center.

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What is the difference between workflow, process, and phase?

Individual phases make up a workflow. They tend to be organized in a certain process. Often in Falcon, phases follow the degree of implementation logic. For example, DOI1 "Potential identified" or DOI3 "Evaluated and in implementation". The sum of the phases is a so-called workflow in Falcon. In the example shown here, the workflow "Strategy Workflow" has five phases organized in the process from DOI1 to DOI5.

The process itself can be planned and tracked for each measure individually. Hence, the measure (lowest level within the tree) has a process tab.

Where can the workflows be managed?

The management of workflows is done in the administration center and there in the Workflows tab.

To create a new workflow, press the plus (1) above the table in the Workflows tab. Of course, you can also delete the workflows (using the minus buttons).

How to create and manage individual phases?

By clicking on the pencil icon (2) you will get to the management of the phases of the respective workflow. In the window that opens you can

  • create additional phases using the plus button,

  • delete them by means of the minus buttons,

  • rename them by clicking into the respective text area,

  • drag'n'drop phases to move/sort them and

  • set permissions for who is able to start the phase.

How can the traffic light settings be customized?

Each workflow has an individual traffic light logic. The following parameters can be determined:

  • Yellow traffic light: days delay, from which the traffic light of a phase changes from green to yellow.

  • Red traffic light: Days delay from when the traffic light of a phase changes from yellow to red.

  • Delay tolerance: Period in days in which users with write permission can retroactively mark / check off a phase as completed in time. The tolerance works analogously to the logic of the schedule.

Which workflow and which phases do measures have?

As with many other settings of the management center, you can assign the individual workflows to individual programs (highest level in the tree). For this purpose, in the Programs tab of the Management Center, you determine the desired workflow for the respective program. The respective workflow including the subsequential phases will then apply to all measures of the program.

Here you can find everything about DIO and phases in Falcon.

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