Workflow traffic light settings

Learn how to edit the settings for the workflow traffic lights

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Where can what settings be made?

Falcon's traffic light logic for phases works exactly the same as for individual activities. How many days of delay result in an amber or red traffic light. Furthermore, you can configure the so-called delay tolerance.

In this example, the traffic light color of a phase changes 
amber after 3 days of delay and to red after 7 days.
The delay tolerance is 7 days.

The input fields in the work phase administration are used for this purpose. You can access these fields via the management center (1) and then via the tab Workflows (2). There you can then make the settings for the respective workflow (3).

What is the delay tolerance?

With the delay tolerance you can determine for which period after the planned due date a phase can still be started according to plan.

An example: A phase is planned to start on January 1st. However, the user has not yet set a checkmark. Today is January 6th, so the phase is 5 days late. If you have set the delay tolerance to e.g. 7 days, the user will still be able to start the phase as if the user was on time. If the tolerance expires, the date of the day when the phase is actually started is shown in the actual/forecast column.

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