Surely you have noticed that at the beginning the traffic light color of the effects in the project tree is still gray or does not light up. To change this, you must set the budgeting item in the profile. Attention, this is only possible as admin or hub owner!

You need to:

  1. Navigate to the respective element (e.g. an individual measure or the entire project).

  2. Go to the profile there and select the effect line under budgeting item that is to give the measure the traffic light color. 

Now the traffic light jumps to the color that represents the status of the selected effect line.


  • You can only select one effect line that is responsible for the traffic light color. Due to the blue colored frame, in the effects tab you can also see which effect line is responsible for the traffic light color.

  • If the traffic light is still gray after the setting, there are probably no plan and actual values entered yet. Falcon can only display a color if both values are available for at least one period and therefore a delta can be calculated.

  • The budgeting item is passed on to lower-level elements when they are added. If you assign the budgeting item Material Cost to a project and then create a new package of measures, the budgeting item Material Cost is automatically assigned to this package. You can then change the budgeting item if necessary.

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