How are phases and activities/the schedule related?

The goal of workflows is to plan (and keep track of) phases on the measure level. For this purpose, measures have the so-called process tab. It allows you to plan and track each phase individually.

In this example, the measure "Diversification" 
has 5 phases. "DOI5: Effects realized" is planned to start
on 20/04/2022.

Next to planning and tracking phases, Falcon allows for planning and tracking milestones/activities in the schedule tab at any level of detail. The scheduled activities correspond to the phases of a measure. That is, Falcon tells you in which phase activities are supposed to be finished (or finished, respectively).

In this example, the activity "Evaluation" is supposed 
to end on 20/04/2022 and hence in phase "DOI5",
since this phase happens to start at the same date.

How are activities assigned to phases?

Activities and phases are linked by the end dates. If the planned/actual end of an activity falls into a certain phase, the corresponding phase is displayed in the schedule tab.

The linking between phases and activities is triggered by actual/forecasted dates of the activities first. If no actual/forecast values are available, Falcon uses plan dates.

If an activity corresponds to no phase, no phase is displayed in the schedule tab.

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