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All activities in one place

Learn how to filter and sort tables like the schedule of the entire project.

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Which permission do I need for editing?

Read permission or higher

To view all activities of a project at once, proceed as follows:

  • Switch to the desired project in the tree.

  • Select the schedule.

  • Then select activities from the three options above the table.

Now you can see all activities of the project.

You can sort and filter rows and columns individually in Falcon tables. Filtering and sorting is possible in almost every column.

  • To do this, simply click in the desired column and set the desired filter.

  • If you want to reset all sorting and filtering, you can easily do this via the grid menu, which is always visible in the upper left corner.

Note: If you want to rearrange the order of activities permanently, look here.

Read also our best practice guide on the topic of activities.

For more information on aggregating, filtering and sorting, click here.

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