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Filter and sort tables

Learn how to find information in tables even faster by sorting and filtering.

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In Falcon, virtually all project information can be accessed in tabular form. To help you find the information you are looking for in the wealth of data, all tables can be filtered, sorted and adjusted.

The arrow at the end of each column header can be used to access the filter and sort function, which allows tables to be filtered, sorted and adjusted:

  • All text and date columns (e.g. activities) can be filtered by content

  • Status columns can be filtered into Open and Completed or Resolved

  • The traffic light status in the schedule can be sorted by clicking on the calendar icon above the traffic lights

  • All status reports marked with Red Flag can be sorted by clicking on the flag symbol

  • Columns can be removed from the table view using the menu item Columns

  • Via the burger menu (top left above tables), set filters and sort orders can be reset.

The filter icon can be used to filter by:

  • Tags

  • Responsible persons

  • Phases

In the Schedule and Effects tabs, the filter recalculates the aggregation according to the filter selection, so that, for example, the traffic light colors refer only to the filter selection.

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