You can export all Falcon data at any tree level to the popular .xls and .csv formats. This data can then be opened with spreadsheet tools (e.g. Excel or Numbers).

You can perform the following types (tabs) of exports:

  • Profiles
  • Schedule
  • Effects
  • Status reports

To perform an export, proceed as follows:

  1. Right-click on the desired element and select "Export as ...".
  2. With "What should be exported?" you can select the desired tab via the dropdown menu.
  3. In the dropdown menu below you can select the data format (.xls or .csv).
  4. Confirm your selection by clicking on "Export".

At the top of the screen you can see a hint. The export is now carried out in the background and you can continue working. 

Once the export is complete, a message appears at the top of the screen again. With a click on "Download" you can download the file.

Export of the entire hub

You can also export

  • Profiles,
  • Schedule,
  • Status reports,
  • Users and
  • Effects (Only within budgeting)

for all projects in your entire hub. To do this, select "Export" in the lower left hub menu and proceed in the same way as for layer exports. 

Export History

You can have a look at all exports of the last three days in the tab "Exports" in the admin center. There you can download all listed exports again or remove them from the overview. 

The gear symbol in the bottom left corner of the sidebar takes you to the admin center.

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