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Document & file upload
Document & file upload

Learn how to upload and manage documents and files in Falcon.

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To save important documents and files, Falcon provides the ability to upload documents at each level of the tree.

How does the document upload work?

To upload a document in Falcon, perform the following steps:

  • On any level, switch to the "Files" tab.

  • Select the "+" in the upper left corner

  • Now you upload a file up to max. 50MB.

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Which documents can be uploaded?

There are no restrictions on what file types can be uploaded. However, please note that no two files with the same name can exist on the same layer. So if you try to upload a file with a name that already exists, the existing file will be replaced.

How can uploaded documents be viewed?

After a document has been uploaded, it can be viewed on the appropriate level in the "Files" tab. Your documents are automatically displayed aggregated on the levels above as well. If you are on the top level, i.e. the program level, you can view all the levels below it in aggregated form, with all the documents stored.

In addition, hub owners can view all documents used in a hub in the administration.

What influence do rights settings have on document uploads?

Documents can only ever be viewed by users who have at least read permissions at the appropriate level. For example, users with read permission at the package level will only see documents at that level and the measure level below it. If there are documents on the levels above, they remain hidden from this user. To upload or modify documents, the user must have at least write permissions.

What influence does the "Lock input" function have on documents?

When a task is locked, responsible users with write permissions will not be able to add and delete files.

What happens to deleted documents?

All deleted documents end up in the recycle bin. Here the files can be restored up to 7 days after deletion.

What happens with multiple uploads and what role does the file name play?

When uploading, the file is identified by the file name - upper and lower case is irrelevant ("test.doc" is therefore the same as "TEST.DOC"). If a file with the same name of an already existing file is uploaded, the existing file will be overwritten. To prevent this from happening, the file name can also be customized in Falcon - the extension (i.e. .xls or .pdf) is not customizable. Falcon saves all versions of a file for security.

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