Falcon enables you to generate important project data summarized as a report with just a few clicks.

To do so, right-click on the desired element for which the report is to be created and click on Create Report.

Once the report has been created, you can download it directly. You can download the report for three days via the download tab in the hub administration. You will also automatically receive an email with a download link from Falcon.

You can create reports for all three levels in Falcon. The report contains slides for the selected level and all levels below. A project report thus contains analyses of the project, package and measure level, as well as activities and effects, whereas a measure report only contains information on the selected measure and the associated activities and effects.

Tip: You can customize the colors of your reporting and also add your logo to match your company's CI. For more information please click here.

Detailed explanations of the different slides in the report can be found here:

Reporting: Project/Package Slide

Reporting: Measure Slide - Schedule

Reporting: Measure Slide - Effects

Read also our best practice resource on the topic of reporting cycle.

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