You may have noticed that checking activities automatically adjusts the date in the "End ( Actual/Prognosis)" column and that some of the end traffic lights also change color.  Falcon follows a simple algorithm, which is shown in the diagram.

Case 1: If a check is made before the end of the plan, the field takes the current day of the check as the date. The traffic light remains green.

Case 2: If the checkbox is checked after the end of the plan and within the tolerance, the field takes the date as the end of the plan. The traffic light color changes to green. The tolerance therefore allows a late check mark for the plan end date. The tolerance therefore specifies how long you can check an activity retroactively to the end of the plan.

Note: If the activity tolerance is exceeded, the traffic light switches automatically, even if the activity has not yet been checked off.

Case 3: If the check is made after the end of the plan and outside the tolerance, the field also assumes the current date. The traffic light color is retained.

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