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Your Schedule

Learn how you can use Your Schedule in the Dashboard to see all your outstanding activities at a glance

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You will find an overview of your activities in the Dashboard Schedule section. In your Schedule you will see all activities that you are responsible for. You can manage your schedule individually:

  1. Sort your schedule as you wish by clicking on a desired column.

  2. Or, for example, filter the Status column by tasks that are still pending (Open).

  3. Edit your tasks directly and tick off completed tasks.

  4. By clicking on the blue Measure link on the right behind each activity, you will be taken to the respective measure.

 Note: To see your activities in the structure of the entire schedule of a measure or to create new activities, you must switch to the schedule on the measure level in the tree. To do this, simply click on the blue Measure link at the end of the line.


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