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Create a status
Create a status

Learn how to open and add a status report

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A status resembles an interim report on the current status of a project tree element.

  1. In the Status area you can create a status by selecting the plus symbol.

  2. Select the pencil icon to edit your status and the minus icon to delete it.

  3. As long as the status has not been resolved, any user can edit it. After an administrator has set the Released check mark, only the project administrator can make changes.

Using an existing status report as a template

If you want to base a new status report on an old status report in order to link to the contents or structure of the existing report, you can use the report as a template by right-clicking on it. This will automatically copy and open the report you want to use as a template.

Note: To create a status, you need a write permission for the respective tree element!

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