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Flag status reports
Flag status reports

Learn how to flag important status reports

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Which permissions do I need for editing?

At least write permission

Status reports are an important part of any project to record progress, results, difficulties, or decision needs and communicate these to the project decision-makers.

In Falcon you can mark status reports with a red flag. This indicates that they are particularly important or contain critical information. Here is how you proceed:

  1. Select the level within in the tree for which you want to create a status report.

  2. Click the Status tab at the top.

  3. Use the plus icon at the top to create a new status report. 

  4. In the newly opened window, enter the desired status.

  5. To mark the status report, please click on the "Mark status report" field below.

  6. Finally, save your entry.

If you want to mark an already created status report, select it in the tab "Status" on project, package or measure level. Please click on the pencil symbol in the line of the status report on the right and follow the steps from above starting from point 4.

If a measure contains a selected status report, a flag is displayed as an icon in the project tree. The flag symbol is also displayed in the package and project level above. 

Administrators and owners can solve a status report, and the corresponding flag icons disappears in the tree.

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