In this article, we will show what the icons in the project tree stand for, when they take on which color, and what they say about your tasks.

The project tree is the backbone of your project. It allows you to structure the project and provides information about the project status. This gives you a wealth of information about your project at a glance. The following symbols are the most important for you:

  • Element, Folder or document symbol grey colored: By default, the tree is grey. The element is available for viewing, but you have no responsibilities in that element.

  • Star symbol: You have overall responsibility for an element (see the person responsible in the profile).

  • Folder or document symbol blue colored: You are responsible for at least one activity that is still in progress.

  • Folder or document symbol green colored: All your activities (which you are responsible for) are finished.

  • Lock/Freeze: Next to the folder/document icon, there is a lock icon. This means that the item cannot be edited except by admins or owners (no adding of activities, changing descriptions, changing dates, etc. is possible).

  • Aggregation paused: Instead of the traffic light, you will see a stop symbol (red, yellow, or green). This means that the effects of the element are not included in the overall aggregation of the project.

  • Red Flag: Instead of the folder/document icon, you will find a red flag. This means that this item does contain at least one status report which was marked as important.

So, in summary, the colors of the symbols say the following:

  • Gray: you have no responsibilities in the underlying elements

  • Blue: you have responsibilities for underlying elements that are not yet completed

  • Green: you have responsibilities for underlying elements, but they are already completed

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