Move tree items

Learn how to move tree items in the project tree.

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Move elements

  1. Click on an element in the project tree

  2. Hold down the mouse button and drag the element to the layer to which you want to move it. Drag measures on a package and drag packages on a project. Alternatively to moving by Drag'n'Drop, you can also right-click "Move to..." and select the target project or package.

Attention! If you move elements to another project, they will be adapted to the effect structure of the respective project. The effects you enter will always be lost. Moving can not be undone! 

Assemble a project from other projects

In Falcon you have the possibility to move elements and thereby take over parts from other projects.

  • You can move measures from one measure package to another package of the same project or to a package of another project.

  • You can also move entire packages to another project.

  • You can even move entire projects to another program.

Click here, to learn how to copy tree elements

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