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What you need to know before you create a project
What you need to know before you create a project

Learn what you need to know before you start with your project!

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Falcon makes project management easy for you. But a project is only as good as its structure. Here we give you a few helpful tips for a successful project set-up. You will have to ask yourself the following questions during the course of the project:

Tree structure: What measures are there and how can they be summarized?

Falcon is organized in a tree. The lowest level is the measure. Here, for example, it is recorded who does what and when. Measures with the same goal can be summarized well in a package. If, for example, you have measures to increase your sales, you can combine all these measures in one package (e.g. sales increase). 

Effects: What should be measured?

Falcon helps you to measure effects (e.g. turnover or costs) on measure level and aggregates the effects automatically to your project. Think about which measurable effects your project will have and which are the most important. Depending on the project, you should measure between 3 and 15 key figures. 

Cycle: How often (e.g. monthly) should you measure?

If you know what should be measured, you have to decide how often. This is the project cycle. Most projects in Falcon are measured monthly or quarterly.

User: Who should be a member of the project?

Of course, you don't have to do everything on your own. Think about who should be a member of the project. If you like, you can also invite the members directly.

Permissions: Is there confidential information that not all project members should see?

The best projects are completely unguarded. But in Falcon you can also define content that not everyone should see. Because in Falcon you can guard measures.  

What you should consider during planning, can also be found in our Best Practice Guide.

Here you can find more information to help you take your first steps in Falcon.

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