Falcon can be opened comfortably with your favourite browser. At https://login.nordantech.com/ you can log in with your user data.

Are you having problems logging in?

  • During the first registration, you will be asked to enter the initial password. If you copy it, make sure not to take the "(temporary)" with you.  

  • Make sure to use your email as a user name.

  • If you have forgotten your password, you can assign a new one.

  • If you are not assigned to an active hub, your hub has either expired or your access permission have been revoked by the project administrator.

  • If you know your password but still do not log in, it may be because you have to clear your browser cache. This can be especially the case if Falcon has received an update and you log in for the first time after the update.

  • If you don't have a password and the emptying of the cache doesn't help, your browser (or its version) may not be supported. Then a browser update can help.

  • Even if this did not help, it may be that your company IT blocks Falcon. There is no reason for this! We adhere to the highest security standards. We therefore strongly recommend to put the URL https://login.nordantech.com on the whitelist. If you need help with this, we will be happy to help you and your IT.


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