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New login notification
New login notification

Falcon sends you an email when a suspicious login occurs. Learn what Falcon responds to.

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When is the email coming?

Protecting your privacy and personal information is important to us. Therefore, Falcon actively alerts you to logins that deviate from your personal standard. To do this, Falcon examines the following characteristics of your sessions:

  • Operating system

  • Browser

  • ISP (Internet Service Provider)

  • Location (postal code, city, state, country, continent, etc.)

  • Time zone

Has another person logged in?

If someone else has logged into Falcon along with your account,

  • log in to Falcon immediately and change your password.

  • please also make us aware of the incident via

The notification comes too often?

If the mail feels like it comes too often, this may be due to changes in your dial-up IP or an automatic browser update, for example. Especially if you use Falcon from remote, this is the case. But this security feature is essential for your data security.

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