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Calculations in the background
Calculations in the background

Falcon calculates many jobs in the background. A job spinner in the sidebar tells you what's going on.

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Falcon has basically two brains. If a large computing operation is triggered, the second brain performs the calculations in the background, while you can continue working - without any loss of speed.

You can see whether Falcon is computing in the background by the job spinner in the sidebar. Here you can see how many processes are currently running. If the job spinner is spinning, then data is being calculated in the background. The number on the spinner shows you how many calculations are still pending. When a green dot appears in the center of the spinner, all calculations are complete. You must now click on the spinner to load the current data.

The clever thing about this is that it also lets you notice whether other users in your hub have triggered processes that may be relevant to you.

Examples for jobs being processed in the background are:

  • Copying items

  • Pausing/Activating aggregation

  • Effect calculations

  • Traffic light calculations 

  • and many more! 

Here you will find more articles to help you get started in Falcon.

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