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Progress bar for changes
Progress bar for changes

See at a glance whether all changes have been sent

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Any changes you make in the browser must first be sent to Falcon in order to be processed.
To see if there are any changes that have not yet been fully saved, see the progress bar below the spinner in the sidebar. 

The progress bar is to be evaluated differently than the number of the spinner:

  • The bar shows how long it will take for a save to complete.

  • The figure shows how many calculation processes are still running.

The decisive difference is that computing processes simply run in the background. For example, you can log out. This is not the case with a save operation.  

Attention: If you log out or close the browser window although there are still changes that have not been sent to Falcon, they will be deleted and no longer sent to Falcon. If you want to log out, a warning will appear so that the changes are not aborted.

The progress bar is only visible if you perform one of these actions:

  • Copy or relocate activities (right-click & drag and drop)

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