• Username: Here you can add or change a username to your user account. In addition to your email address, it serves as your login name.
  • Email reports: Every Monday, Falcon sends a short, individual email summary of your hub. With the slider you can switch this Monday mail on and off.
  • New password: You can create a new password in your user account by entering it in the "New password" input field and to the right of it in the "Password (confirmation)" field.
  • Language: Choose between English and German language in your user account.

By the way: Of course, it sometimes happens that you forget your password. We are all humans after all. But that is not a problem. If you try to log in via www.nordantech.com, you will see the link "Forgot your password? (at the bottom right of the log-in window). You can reset your password at any time following this link. Find out how this works here.


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