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Learn how to find your user account to change the language preference and to reset you password and similar personal details

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You can manage your user account via the button in the lower left sidebar. Here you can enter individual information and user settings for your account. In the following we will shortly describe a few points.

  • Profile: Here you can add or change a user name to your account. The account alias serves as your log-in name in addition to your email address. You can also enter additional information, such as position or department.

    Furthermore, you can set German or English as the language in Falcon.

  • Email: Falcon sends a short, customized email summary to your hub in the morning when other project participants have assigned new responsibilities to you. You can use the slider to turn this Email notification on and off.

    Here you can find more info about the email reports.

  • Password: Here you can update your password. Falcon remembers when you last changed your password (10/03/2022 in the example).

    When you enter a new password, Falcon automatically checks if it is secure enough. By clicking on the "i" you can view the minimum password requirements.

  • Security: Here you can enable and edit the multi-factor authentication (MFA). Multi-factor authentication drastically increases the protection against unwanted access to your Falcon account by third parties. Here you can find all the answers to your questions about MFA.

  • Image: Here you can upload your own profile picture. This will appear as a user avatar in your sidebar and with the responsible persons in tree items where you have a responsibility.

  • Account: If you want to delete your user profile, you can do it in this tab.

By the way: Of course, it sometimes happens that you forget your password. We are all humans after all. But that is not a problem. If you try to log in via, you will see the link "Forgot your password? (at the bottom right of the log-in window). You can reset your password at any time following this link. Find out how this works here.


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