The dashboard offers you aggregated displays of the project status and project elements specifically assigned to you.

  1. Personal Effects History: A distinction is made here between planned and actual effects, according to which you can filter. Effects are aggregated from measures in which you are involved and/or for which you are responsible.

  2. Bar chart with information on your activities: You can filter and display how many of all project activities, activities in which you are involved, and activities with holistic responsibility are delayed, and how many are scheduled to begin and end in the next 30 days.

  3. Personal Effects and Activities Achievement: These show the results and degree of achievement of the effects or activities of all measures for which you are holistically responsible and also of all measures in which you are involved.

Tip: You can structure your dashboard widgets individually using drag and drop.

Tip: If you stay with the mouse over an element for a longer time, Falcon will display additional information and hints in many places, including at the traffic lights.

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