Note: Only project administrators and hub owners can assign and manage user permissions! Added users are available to the entire Hub. You can assign the users to the tree elements in the „Permissions“ tab in the admin center.

The user permission assign certain editing options to the Falcon users and can be managed in the „Permissions“ tab in the admin center.

  • To assign new permissions, drag a user or a group in the guarded tree in the "Permissions" tab in the admin center.
  • In the "Permission" column you can then decide in a dropdown menu which of the four permissions should be granted to the user:
  1. Write permission ("Write"): Permission to edit.
  2. Read permission ("Read"): Permission to read.
  3. Access prohibition ("Hidden"): "Negative permission", with which you can, for example, revoke a reading permission granted at measure package level for an individual measure. However, this only applies to content for which the respective user bears no responsibility. If you give a user the negative permission "Hidden" at measure package level, the user does not see the entire package. However, if the user is responsible for a measure or activity in the package, this content remains visible.
  4. Manage: Administrator permissions for the respective project.
  • To assign the user to another element, you can simply drag and drop the user in the permissions tree.

Attention: The „Permissions“ tab in the admin center is only available to you if you are Project Admin or Hub Owner and the respective tree element is marked as guarded. If a measure is guarded, you can only see and edit users with the given permission.

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