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Even with Falcon's effects, you can determine the traffic light logic yourself. This is quite simple, because you can determine for each budgeting line the level of achievement from which the traffic light jumps from green to yellow and then from yellow to red. 

The steps are therefore very simple:

  1. From the Administration, under Budgeting, select the budgeting you want to change using the pencil icon at the right end of the table. 

  2. Here you can enter a tolerated deviation (in percent) for the effects in the traffic light columns on the right.

The default setting in Falcon is a 90-70 split:

  • If you reach more than 90% of the planned effect, the traffic light remains green.

  • Between 90% and 70% it is yellow.

  • Only when the 70% hurdle is broken does the traffic light turn red.

Falcon takes over the entire calculation logic for you - because the limits always apply, no matter which goal ("More is better", "Less is better" or "Spot landing") you have chosen.

Click here for more information on Falcon's traffic light system.

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