Falcon allows you to easily determine the traffic light algorithm that fits your project. A special feature is the delay tolerance! With the delay tolerance you can determine in which period of time after an activity is due it can still be ticked off as on time.

An example: An activity should be completed by January 1st. However, the user has not yet set a checkmark. Today is the January 6th and so there are 5 days delay. If you have set the delay tolerance greater than 5 days, the user can still check off the activity on January 6th by January 1st. If the activity tolerance is exceeded, the traffic light switches automatically, even if the activity has not yet been checked off.

Tip: You can change the delay tolerance afterwards. The traffic light color of the ticked activities is not affected, the color that existed at the time of ticking remains.

Tip: The delay tolerance can be set to a maximum of 365 days. If the activities are further in the past, the plan value is changed to the date of the check off and the traffic light turns red. If you still want to have a green traffic light, you as admin have the possibility to change the plan date afterwards and thus create a green traffic light.

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