The traffic light system provides information on project progress by evaluating temporal and quantitative progress in Falcon. The traffic light is clearly visible in the project tree, but can also be found elsewhere, e.g. in your dashboard.

In the project tree the left traffic light stands for the effects and the right traffic light for the activity progress.

  • Green: Time (activities) or effects are within the defined optimum.
  • Yellow: Time (activities) or effects are within the defined tolerance range, so they are slightly delayed.
  • Red: Time (activities) or effects have exceeded the specified tolerance limit and are therefore significantly delayed.

Note: The traffic light system is based on a scoring model. Activities are estimated as a function of the delay (in days). If Falcon remains in the default setting, the activity light changes to yellow after 3 days delay and to red after 7 days delay. The effect traffic light changes colour and becomes yellow when less than 90% of the light is reached. A red traffic light is shown at less than 70% achievement.

But every project is different. Therefore, admins and hub owners can determine for each project when a traffic light changes color. If you want to know which limits apply to you, you can ask your project administrator.

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